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Atrium fragrance



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  • A maximum of 500 bottles were made for this release 
  • This release was only available on pre-order  
  • Tracked delivery included (the product will dispatch and arrive to you in early to mid December, depending on your region)
  • All orders will receive a free sample to test the product before opening the 100ml 
  • Fruity, dark, woody, powdery and warm
  • 8 hours longevity with medium to loud projection
  • 25% Extrait De Parfum 

Plum often being an under represented note in men's fragrances, this fruit is often seen in more 'feminine' and 'intensely sweet' fragrances. Mr Majestic presents this note in a new way. Plum is made masculine and balanced, combined with spicy cardamom, warm ambers, and woody and 'creamy' Sandalwood and Iris. 

Mr Majestic is a gorgeous Head Turner scent that stands out with a unique DNA and enticing notes. This is step 4 to building your well rounded and varied collection. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

This was my first purchase of an Atrium fragrance. Quality stuff. Will be looking at purchasing others. Mr. Maritime especially.

Mahdi K.
absolutely magical

as an owner of a few xerjoff and amouage fragrances, this could definitely pass as something on that price point,
the mix of plum and fragrant spices just does something magical for me. It might just be a favorite from the brand so far considering i haven’t gotten my paws on mr elegant.

Great job Omar, waiting to see more fabulous creations from you and the brand in 2024

The Best Release So Far. Fact.

I have everything in the collection so far. With each release the collection has been pushed better and better. Mr. goodness chef's kiss!!!!!
Plum is back baby!!!! This is a gorgeous fragrance. I wish I had bought more than one bottle because this is a special fragrance. The best fragrance in the line so far.

High Quality Scent

Me. Majestic was my first scent from Ateoum fragrance and it doesn’t disappoint. I hate Iris heavy powdery scents like Dior Homme Intense but this one does Iris just right. It’s smooth, clearly present but doesn’t stray in to lipstick/makeup land one bit.

Best way to sum it up is that it is a silky smooth marriage of an iris note with Guerlain L’Homme Ideal Extreme. Guerlain fragrances are some of the best blended scents out there and if you told me that this was a flanker from that line, I’d believe it… it’s that well blended and that smooth. It’s a shame it’s a limited release.

I. V. E.
Earns the 5th Star

Fresher than Mr. Maritime, Smoother than Mr. Romantic. This is a juicy treat that avoids being too sweet like a young man's 1 Million Lucky, and has a great base with the sandalwood and cedar. You can easily imagine James Bond putting something like this on. The closest relative may be Guerlain's L'Homme Idea Extreme with the prominent plum note, but that fragrance a haziness to it that Mr. Majestic doesn't suffer from. Normally iris fragrances get a bit 'lipsticky' too, but it doesn't happen here. Majestic is a Plum scented soft velour with amber to keep it smelling fresh and clean and tonka to balance it all out.