Due to many of you requesting international shipping to your country outside of our four regions of the UK, USA, Canada & Australia, we are introducing a new solution! 

Due to the flammable nature of perfume, international shipping (in this case, by air) is very expensive on an individual basis. Forwardvia, our trusted partner that we utilise for international shipments, are an excellent provider of flammable goods shipping by road and air. 

The process is made very easy by the process below but please note you need to be prepared to pay a high cost for delivery, with our estimates starting from £76 to EU countries by road and £112 to non-EU countries by air. The final cost depends on delivery destination and size. The delivery cost excludes local tax and duty. 

The more products ordered, the more efficient. This is not an affordable option but only for those who must have our fragrances :

  • Ensure your country can be shipped to here and sign up for free to get a UK address

  • Have our fragrances sent to your UK address, provided by Forwardvia

  • Forwardvia will inform you when your product arrives to their UK address for you. Atrium is only responsible for delivering the shipment up to this address. Delivery from Forwardvia to your personal address will be between you and them.

  • Forwardvia ships to you with tracking and insurance available

For any other questions regarding this process, we recommend you contact Forwardvia via their website :