How Many Sprays Should One Apply? 

Omar Mansour (Founder)
2 minute read

Hi Everyone,

Omar here!

This blog discusses an important topic that creates a variety of opinions online... 

That topic is : How many sprays of fragrance should you apply? 

With the rise in popularity of being an 'over sprayer', I personally feel that an excess of fragrance can be inappropriate, depending on the scenario. 

There are generally three factors to take in to account when deciding how heavy to go on the trigger :

1. The strength of the fragrance 

2. The occasion you're wearing it for 

3. The weather you're wearing it in 

I have always said, that women can generally get away with over applying a fragrance compared to men.

The reality is that most men do not want to present themselves in a way that 'screams for attention'.

It is generally more attractive for us men to possess a reassured, 'quiet', confidence that allows people to 'discover' our appeal.

If you're on your own or with a group of close friends, then I can see more of an argument for over spraying.

You may receive compliments from over-spraying for those who really like your fragrance.

However, bear in mind that you will generally not hear from people who don't like your fragrance, or who find it overbearing.

My stance is that your fragrance is like looking after one's breath, people will often not give you negative feedback, hence it is a personal responsibility one must take.

My aim is not to make one paranoid, but to simply remind us gents to wear our fragrance appropriately as we would appropriately dress ourselves.

For the number of sprays, this is my general guide :

Strong fragrances (e.g. intense winter fragrances) - most occasions it will suffice to use only two sprays

Medium strength fragrances (a category which most fragrances fit) - I generally recommend 4 sprays

Weak fragrances (such as 'intimate' scents that you wish lasted longer) - 6 sprays will generally suffice

Very Weak fragrances (such as summer citrus heavy top note scents) - 8 sprays will generally suffice

Of course, the occasion will make all the difference. Less sprays is recommended for more 'intimate occasions' such as a quiet evening meal, while more sprays can be used for 'louder' environments.

My last point will focus on weather. Be aware that heat makes all fragrances more intense. Hence why the hotter the weather, the more conservative with the number of sprays you should be, and vice versa with cold weather.


I think if a fragrance is not getting the performance you'd like after 8 sprays, you're generally better off only applying on clothes, or finding a different fragrance.

I do think it's become a bit of a taboo to recommend that people do not overspray, but I think it is simple courtesy that we should not take for granted.

What are your thoughts on this topic?